The Cum Drinkers

The Cum Drinkers
by Rich Humus

Kate and Linda were sitting at Kate’s small dinette table one
summer morning, discussing the neighborhood gossip and local news.
Their husbands were out playing golf, and as was their wont, Kate and
Linda got together to chat, shop and generally goof off. Each was
wearing short shorts and a light blouse, as the summer weather was
quite warm.

“I tell ya, honey, that husband of mine is a real dud in bed
sometimes. I dress sexy for him and talk sexy, and all he wants to do
is shove it in me, jerk a few times, come, and roll over and fall
asleep. I really do miss the wild times I used to have when I was
younger, you know?” said Linda as she slowly sipped at the cup of
coffee in her hands.

“Exactly. I mean, I love Roger dearly, and wouldn’t really want
to spend my life with any other man, but jeeezus, I do get HORNY once
in a while.” Kate responded. “What’s the sexiest thing you’ve ever
done, Lin?” she asked almost shyly.

Linda looked at her for a few minutes, gauging the depths of the
other woman’s sensitivities. She swallowed the sip of warm coffee in
her mouth and leaned forwards surreptitiously.

“When I was in college I got drunk accidentally on purpose at a
fraternity party. After it got real late, I ended up being the only
girl there. The guys all started talking about their sexual conquests,
and they all claimed to be the worlds’ greatest lovers, you know?” She
stopped for a second to take another sip of coffee. “I said that any
woman worth her salt could outlast ten guys, and they all laughed. I
challenged them. I got up real slowly, and stripped as sexily as I
could, without falling on my face! A couple of the guys hauled some
mattresses out to the living room, and I lay down right in the center
of them. I started stroking my cunt and licking my lips really sexy,
and before you know it, there were 20 or 30 naked guys dancing around.
I laid back, crooked my finger at the nearest one, and motioned him

“What’ll it be, smarty?” I asked. He said he wanted to fuck me
but good, so he got down there, jerked his cock until it was hard, and
shoved it in. Let me tell you, these guys were just drunk enough so
that they couldn’t last very long. This first one must have stroked
about 10 times before he shot off straight up my pussy. The next guy
wanted a blow job, so I sat up, stuffed his teeny cock in my mouth,
and a few seconds later had a sperm chaser after all the beer I’d

Linda stopped for a moment to look at her friend. Kate’s cheeks
had tinged a slight red and her eyes sparkled a bit, and Linda thought
she could see Kate’s nipples beginning to harden and poke out from the
light blouse she wore.

“Oh God, that’s hot! So what else?” queried Kate with a
breathless smile.

“So, for about the next 2 hours, I fucked and sucked every guy in
that frat house until there wasn’t a drop of sperm left in any of
them, and it was all up my pussy or down my throat, or mostly, all
over my tits and face and in my hair. At one time, I counted six guys
jerking off all over my head while I fucked this black football
player’s ass off, and wouldn’t you know they all came all over my hair
and face. amateur lesbians I had to stop and get a towel to wipe the shit off my face.
I was drenched in it, I swear!” whispered the young wife.

“I never saw so much cum in all my life, before or since. They
absolutely ruined the mattresses, and when I finally got up, I leaked
a trail of sperm all over the house looking for a shower to rinse off
in. But they all were pooped out, and I could have gone on for another
couple of hours by then. It was great. But, I had to transfer to
another college, because the word got out, and everybody thought I was
some kind of tramp or something, so I left and went to the State
University instead. That’s where I met Hank, and we’ve been together
ever since. I haven’t even seen another cock except his since then.”

“Even on TV or a magazine or anything?” asked an incredulous

“Oh, hell, they don’t count! I’m talking about in the flesh! Hey,
what about you, Katie, what’s the wildest slutty thing YOU’VE ever
done?” questioned the leering Linda, leaning forward and licking her
lips devilishly.

“Well, I NEVER balled thirty guys in one night, if that’s what
you mean!” she responded. “In fact, I’ve never made it with more than
one guy at a time, even. Ummm, I guess the nastiest thing I ever did
was ask Roger to cum in my mouth one time while I was sucking him

“ONE time! Are you telling me that you don’t sip the sperm
cocktail, young lady?” asked Linda in a mock stentorian tone.


“You don’t swallow cum? You don’t let that gorgeous Roger shoot
off in your mouth?” Linda asked again.

“Well, it’s not that I don’t like him to, or that he hasn’t , a
couple of times. But he usually just wants to use my pussy instead, so
we don’t do a lot of oral sex or anything kinky. He doesn’t even like
to lick me down there either.”

“Oh shit honey, we’ve got to get you fucked and sucked up right
one of these days!” exclaimed the amazed Linda. “But anyway, tell me
all about the one time you let little Rog there blast off over your
teeth. I wanna hear all about it!”

“Well, it’s not as sexy a story as yours. Roger and I were making
love, and I was getting a little sore down there, you know, from all
the pounding, and I finally had to tell him to stop if he didn’t have
an orgasm quickly. He pulled out, and crawled up over me. His dick was
all wet and red and bouncing up and down right in front of my face. He
grabbed the base of it and waved it right in my face. I was fascinated
with it, I tell you. He told me to suck him off then, if I couldn’t
bear to have him in my pussy. I started to say that it was just that
he was getting a bit rough, and before I could, he poked me in the
mouth with his cock. There must have been something about it, I don’t
know, but the moment that cock hit my lips, I just kinda quivered all
over and wanted to suck the guts out of him so badly, I didn’t know
what I was doing. I normally didn’t go for that deep throat stuff, but
I grabbed Roger’s ass and pulled him right into my mouth, as deep as I
could. I think it scared the shit out of him!”

“I can imagine!” answered Linda breathlessly. She had felt her
own pussy get a little wet as they talked, and now dropped one hand to
her lap furtively.

“So anyway, I pushed and pulled him in and out, actually fucking
myself with his cock in my mouth. Then, I don’t know what came over
me, no pun intended, I pulled his dick out of my mouth with one hand
and looked up at him. He was looking down at me like I was some kind
of angel or something, this totally incredible look on his face. I
knew, deep down in my soul, then, that I could have this amazing power
over him, or any man, for that matter. I knew what he wanted. We’d
watched enough porno movies for me to see that he always liked it when
a guy spermed on a girl’s face or in her mouth. So I looked him
straight in the eye, and in the nastiest voice I could, I said ‘I want
you to come right in my mouth, lover. I want to taste your sperm.’ I
poured it on in the sluttiest way I could think of – you know, telling
him I wanted him to shoot his stuff all over my face and in my mouth
and all that really gross stuff we used to giggle about in high
school. So I’m jerking him a little bit, and then he just kind of
grunted once and BAMMO! – right on the kisser, he lets fly with that
cock of his. I was so shocked I opened my mouth in reflex and BAMMO!
again, another spurt, this time right in my mouth. I’m going crazy
now, loving the feel of the stuff, and I jerk him some more, and he
shoots his stuff all over my face and in my mouth. It was in my hair,
and all down over my neck and tits and just all over the place!”

Kate finished breathlessly. Linda just looked at her and said
“Wow.”, arching her eyebrows knowingly. “So now you like eating cum,

“Well, I suppose so. But I don’t very often, ’cause in the last
few months, Roger’s gotten so busy with his job and all, that I’m
lucky if we even make love once or twice a month, much less have time
for all kinds of other fun stuff. But yeah, it was kinda neat, I
really liked the feel of his sperm spraying on me, and for some
reason, I LOVED the taste of it – you know, kinda bitter and salty,
but interesting?”

“Katie darling, you don’t have to tell me. I’ve swallowed enough
sperm to float a battleship. It’s still my favorite drink!” she
giggled. “It’s amazing how icky and gross we would have thought this
was a few years ago, but God, now that I’ve done it, I just gotta say
I love it! Hey! I’ve got an idea!”

“What now?” Kate knew her friend had some deliciously wicked
thought that she was about to hear. “I know this is gonna involve sex
and fucking, so you might as well spit it out!”

“Kate, I NEVER spit it out!” Linda laughed. “No, what I thought
was this. We go around and see in how many different ways we can drink
sperm. You know, there’s gotta be other ways than straight from the
tap, so to speak!”

“LINDA! What do you mean? Are you actually proposing that we suck
other guys off and swallow their cum? Are you crazy!”

“No, no, listen, it’s perfect. We turn the tables on the guys –
you know, wham bam thank ya ma’am? Well, we’ll make it wham bam thank
ya mister! They don’t have to know our names or anything, we’ll just
rustle up, drain ’em dry, and hustle off. They’ll go crazy wondering
who we are, but they’ll never see us again! It’s perfect!”

original site Kate stopped to think about it. It was the craziest idea she’d
ever heard, even from the usually whacked out Linda.

“You mean just go up to some guy we like the looks of, tell him
we want him to cum in our mouths and that’s it?”

“No, silly. That’d be too easy. No, we get them to give us our
favorite drink in strange and exciting ways! Oh hell, let’s
see….like having a waiter in a fancy restaurant jerk off in your
coffee. Or the grocery delivery boy pop off real fast in your car in
the parking lot. Stuff like that!”

“Hmmmm. Yes, that could been really hot!” agreed Kate. “And we
could keep track of each of the ways that we get them to do it! Yeah,
that’s great!” she clapped her hands excitedly. “When do we start?”

“Right now, if you’re game!”

Forty-five minutes later found the ladies strolling the local
mall. They had changed into short skirts and very light sweaters.
Linda had decided that they would alternate with the ideas for getting
the cum from the men they eyed, and she would go first. She thought
it would be exciting to try to seduce a shoe salesman into giving her
a sip of his sperm. The girls walked into the first store they found
with few customers and a likely looking guy. He as a tall, dark-haired
man they both found attractive. Linda sat down in one of the fitting
chairs, crossed her long legs, and inched her skirt up even more. The
salesman hurried over.

“Yes, miss, what can I do for you today?”

“Well, I thought it might be time for a new pair of high heels,
what do you think” Linda teased, stretching her leg out and twisting
and turning it, showing off her long slim leg to great advantage.

“Um, well, I suppose so. What heel height did you have in mind,
and what size are you?”

“I’m a size seven. And I just love a four or five inch heel,
don’t you? Don’t you think it makes my ass stand out real nice?” And
so saying, Linda quickly stood and turned around, thrusting her firm
ass right in the salesman’s face. He stammered and gulped, rising
quickly. Linda checked. ‘Yep, a boner. This one’s gonna be easy…’
she thought to herself.

“Just let me go check the back, see what we have.” he said,
blushing. He turned and walked through a door into the rear stock
area. Turning quickly to make sure Kate had an eye on things, she
followed him back there, and shut the door behind her.

“Hey, lady, you can’t -” his protest was cut short by Linda
lifting up her skirt.

“Like what you see, pretty boy? Well, this pussy belongs to my
husband, and he’s the only man who’ll have it anytime soon, if I have
anything to say about it. But I like your looks. Take out your cock.”

The man simply stared at her. He didn’t know what to do, and not
wishing to waste any time, Linda walked over to him, threw one arm
around his neck and kissed him full and hard on the lips.

“Ok, then I will.” she said. She bent to her knees, and rubbed
the rapidly growing bulge at the front of his pants. “Hey, feels like
you’ve got a nice one here. Let’s let it out to breath a bit.”

She slid the zipper down and fished around inside his underwear,
finally extracting a bona fide boner. It wasn’t especially large or
fat, but seemed adequate. ‘Besides’, Linda thought, ‘it isn’t going
anywhere where size means anything!’ She bent to lick at the head.
The salesman groaned.

“Oh god lady, I don’t know what you came here for, but that feels
good, just keep on sucking….”

Linda stopped and looked up at him. “Honey, I want your most
expensive pair of Italian leather high heels, right now and right
here. Before I go any further.” As if to accentuate her point, Linda
straightened up and smoothed her dress back down. The salesman hurried
down the aisle, finally finding the shoes Linda demanded.

“And while you’re there, an nice pair of suede boots, too!” He
grabbed a large box from the shelves. As he walked back, Linda swept
her sweater up over her head, freeing her nicely formed breasts. The
man’s eyes bugged out and his cock twitched.

“Are these shoes waterproof?” Linda demanded.

“Ah, yes, yes, they are, as a matter of fact..” mumbled the
salesman, peering quizzically at one of the tags.

“Good. Now I’m gonna suck you, and you’re gonna love it. But, and
this is a big but, no coming in my mouth. If I taste even the tiniest
drop of your spunk before I tell you to cum, then out you go and
you’ll be shooting all over your pants. Got that?”

“Yeah, sure, I guess so.” Who wants to look a gift blow-job in
the mouth, right?

Linda sat on one of the small stools, and motioned him over. He
walked up to her, and she leaned forward and fed his still-hard cock
into her mouth. Linda prided herself on her cocksucking talents, and
it wasn’t long before she had the man groaning and moaning in
pleasure. She stroked his shaft as she mouthed the tip of his cock,
wetting him down with her saliva. All the time she sucked at him, she
keep looking at him, looking for that fateful sign of the impending

While one hand stroked and massaged his balls, the other felt for
one of the leather shoes. Linda kept on sucking the man’s cock,
dragging it into her mouth, rolling her talented tongue around the
head, squeezing the shaft with her lips.

Finally the man started to shudder. “Oh jeesuz I’m gonna cum in a
sec” the man grunted. Linda looked up at him. She whipped his cock out
of her mouth just as she felt the vein begin to pulse, just as he
closed his eyes in ecstasy. Pumping his prick with one hand, with the
other she brought the shoe up. Aiming his cock right into the inside
of the shoe, she jerked the man to an orgasm. SPURT! SPURT! SPURT!
right into the soft leather lining of the shoe, spit his cock’s load.
Linda milked him off, every drop of the large load collecting in the
heel of the shoe as she tilted it back. Finally he was empty.

Linda looked at him. “Bet you never saw a girl do this before.”
she said calmly and quietly. Then staring him right in the face, she
tilted the back of the shoe up to her mouth, and let the entire puddle
of semen flow directly across her lips into her mouth. As the shoe
emptied, Linda lifted it above her face, letting the last few drops
drip out and land with a small plop on her cheeks and chin.

“Ummmm, my favorite. Cum ala Giorgio.” She dropped the shoe back
into the box. “I’ll take them. Don’t bother wrapping them.” He was
too astounded to say anything, but nodded his head. Linda picked up
the shoes, the suede boots, and tossing the sweater back over her
head, walked back out into the front of the store as if nothing had
happened. As she walked past one elderly matron looking at
rubber-soled shoes, Linda couldn’t help herself. She slid one finger
along her cheekbone, sliding the small drops of sperm there together
until they made a noticeable shiny trail on her face. The older woman
looked at her and gaped in horror.

Linda grabbed Kate’s arm and they rushed out of the store,
dissolving in a fit of giggles and laughter like school girls.

“Well, what’d you do, tell me, tell me!” gushed Kate. Linda sat
her down at a bench a few yards down the aisle, and opened the shoe

“Look.” she pointed in at the large wet stain occupying the back
of the inside of one shoe. “I sucked him, and jerked him off into it.
Then I drank his cum right out of the shoe! You should have seen his
face! The poor guy doesn’t know what hit him even yet! And I got the
shoes, and this pair of boots for my troubles!”

Kate looked at her. “You know, I think I could get to like this

“Honey, you ain’t seen nothin yet!” answered the flushed Linda.

Part 2 – Someone’s in the Kitchen with Katie!

Kate and Linda were convulsed with giggles as they waltzed down
the mall aisle from the shoe store.

“I never saw a guy look so astonished as when I tilted that shoe
up and let the cum drip down into my mouth! I thought he was gonna
have a heart attack!” wheezed Linda, almost out of breath from the
laughter and excitement.

“Yeah, well now it’s my turn” spoke Kate, “and I want to do it up
right, too. Let’s go get something to eat.”

“..and drink!” finished Linda.

The girls made their way to a nice upscale Italian restaurant
that was hidden away at one corner of the sprawling mall. After
waiting a few moments, the young blond headwaiter led them to a
comfortable booth near the side of the restaurant, where they could
see out into the mall and watch the shoppers walk by. They glanced at
the menus for a moment, and Kate motioned for the waiter.

“Yes, ladies, what’ll it be today?” he said nonchalantly,
innocently looking down the top of Kate’s loose blouse at her
unrestrained breasts. She noticed him immediately, and pulled the menu
close to her chest coquettishly.

“I’ll have the clams with white sauce, a salad with oil and
vinegar dressing, and a cup of coffe.”

“And I’ll have the same, to make it easy on you.” said Linda, a
moment later. “And please bring the coffee right away.”

He walked away, and Kate leaned over to Linda. “Did you see the
way he tried to look down my blouse!”

“Of course, honey, isn’t that what you want?” laughed her friend.
“What do you have planned for your ‘drink’?” she quizzed.

“I think I might ask for some special cream in my coffee, like
you suggested! That ought to blow his mind!” Kate whispered.

Presently the waiter returned with the coffee, placing the cups
on the table in front of each lady. “Creme or sugar” he asked, not
aware of the ladies upcoming request.

“None for me, I like it black, but my friend has a special
need…” said Linda, barely able to conceal the excitement in her

“Oh, yes, well what can I get for you?” he turned to Kate.

“Well, my doctor said I’m not getting enough protien in my diet.
So he has me on a special liquid diet six times a day.” Her voice
dropped on each word, until she was barely whispering. The waiter
leaned closer. “I would like some warm cream in my coffee.”

“Well, sure, I’d be glad to go heat up some Half-and-Half” the
waiter answered, and began to turn away.

“No, you don’t understand.” said Kate, grabbing his arm as he
stopped to look at her. “The cream has to be at exactly body
temperature, 98.6 degrees, and very very fresh!” She paused for
effect. “I want you to ejaculate in my coffee.”

The waiter turned a beet red. Linda thought sure she saw a
perceptible bulge begin in his pants. “Are you kidding!” he whispered,
“what are you trying to do, get me fired?”

“No, but we will get you off, wouldn’t you like that? When’s the
last time you came?” Kate looked at Linda. “I want to make sure I get
my money’s worth!”

“Uh, three nights ago, with my girlfriend.”

“OK, then, my friend, whip it out right here and let’s see the
old boy go to work”

“You want me to jerk off right here in the restaurant! In front
of everybody! You’re nuts! No way, you crazy -“

Kate cut him off. “Ok, I can see that might be a bit difficult.
Tell you what. You stand there in front of the table so that no one
can see, and my friend will rub your cock through your pants.
Meanwhile, I’m gonna play with my nipples through my blouse until
they’re hot and hard. Once you get hard, Linda will pull your cock out
real quick, suck on it a few times, and then you take over, ok?”

“Jeeze, lady, this is the wierdest thing…” But he nodded his
acceptance. Linda began brushing her long slim fingers up and down the
growing bulge in his white trousers, while she whispered to him.

“Yes, that’s it, make it hard for us. Kate and I are some
cum-drinking sluts, we love to sip cum and let it slide right down our
throats to our stomachs.” She knew the nasty talk would help to get
him off. “I love it when a guy comes all over my mouth and face, then
I slurp it up with my fingers and eat it all down. Wouldn’t you like
to cum on my face some day, handsome?”

Now Kate joined in. “Yea, baby, that’s right, get that cock hard
so I can drink your cum in my coffee, that’s what I want. Would you
believe that yesterday I had 10 men come in my mouth before lunch? I
stopped at the new construction site over on Maple and walked right
into the trailer there. I told the foreman I wanted 10 of his best men
to come in and jerk off for me and spray their cum right into my mouth
so I could drink it all up.” She whispered the erotic words, looking
right into his eyes the whole time. Only she and Linda knew the story
was false, but it did give Linda an idea.

He rapidly produced a healthy erection. “Oh, man, this isn’t
gonna take long at all. Why don’t you take it out and suck it a bit
right now?” he whispered, looking around to make sure that no one was
watching. Linda looked at Kate.

“Should I?”

“Ah, what the hell – why not? Just don’t let him shoot off in
your mouth, you greedy bitch!” Kate laughed. Linda slid the zipper of
his slacks down and reached in, quickly extracting the well-formed

“Hey, this is’t bad.” she said, dipping her tongue to slide it
over the gleaming head of his cock. She pursed her lips and slid them
down over the tip, sliding slowly down the length of his shaft and
jerking the exposed portion with her left hand. Again and again she
slid down, feeding the warm flesh into her mouth and lips, wetting it
with her saliva. Linda knew how to prolong a blow job for dozens of
minutes if she wanted to, but this time she was going for speed, not
delay. Kate continued to knead her breasts and pinch the nipples,
making the rigid tips stand out and poke through the flimsy blouse.

“Now remember, the minute you think you’re gonna orgasm, get it
out of there and aim it at my coffee – I want every drop right in the
cup!” said Kate. The waiter nodded at her.

“It’s not gonna be…long….now…ohgod yes, yes, here it is!”
he groaned, hurriedly pulling his pulsating rod from the slightly
disappointed Linda’s mouth.

“Quick, quick, shoot in the cup, in the cup!” said Kate. The
waiter pulled on his cock a few times, and Kate watched fascinated as
the tiny hole at the end winked open and a long thin stream of sperm
shot out, splashing perfectly right in the coffee cup in front of her.
She thought it was one of the most sexy things she’d ever seen. Again
he pulled on the shaft, and another large bolt, even larger than the
first, flew out to land in the cup. Kate could hear Linda gasping as
the third jet followed the first two, now noticably pooling in the
coffee. A fourth and fifth stream shot out, one missing the cup
slightly to drip down the side and into the saucer. The young waiter
grunted with the effort of unloading his balls for the kinky woman’s
request while maintaining a respectable image from the rear.

“ohgodI’mcumming,” he grunted through clenched teeth “right into
your coffee.”

“Yes, yes, do it again, do it again!” urged Kate, and he complied
with her request, urging one last spritz of his semen to make the long
trip out of his balls, up the shaft of his cock, out the head, and
across the several inches of open air into her waiting reservoir.
Finally, though, he finished, gasping for breath. Kate and Linda
looked at him.

“That will be all.” said Linda formally, dismissing him with a
wave of her hand. He hurriedly stuffed his shrinking penis back into
his pants and turned away, anxious to tell the cook and bartender this
story. Linda looked over at Kate.

“WOW! You did all right there, kiddo! Look at the load he dropped
in your lap!” Kate glanced down at the coffee. The milky white semen
floated serenly on top of the dark brown liquid, easily amounting to
three or four teaspoons worth. A thin strand hooked over the rim of
the cup and down the side, bubbling at the end. “And he got almost all
of it right in there!” she agreed, her eyes sparkling with mischief.
She trailed her fingertip up the side of the cup, collecting the
single line of white liquid. She looked at Linda as she brought the
white-coated finger to her lips, and sucked it dry. “Ummmm, good
stuff! Very nice, just the right tang and texture – not too bitter,
not too salty, very nice indeed.”

She brought the cup to her lips and tilted it, sipping just the
very tiniest amount from the top of the liquid. It was mostly pure
semen. It was warm as the coffee itself, and Kate purposely let some
slip back down over her lower lip and drip down her chin, knowing it
would excite Linda no end. “Ummm, absolute heaven…” she sighed, eyes
closed, swallowing the warm, salty essence. “I’m really starting to
like this stuff, you know.” She opened her eyes again to gaze into the
cup. “Too bad there’s not more.”

Linda looked at her. “I dare you to walk back to the kitchen and
ask for another helping!”

Kate grinned. “I just might do that!” She got up with her cup of
coffee, hips swaying sexily, striding towards the swinging doors that
led back to the kitchen area. Luckily no one stopped her. How would
she explain that she wanted the cook and any other lucky males back
there to masturbate and ejaculate semen into her coffee cup? As she
entered the hot steamy kitchen, she remembered the single line of
semen bisecting her lower lip and chin. ‘What the hell, it’ll help ’em
get the idea’ she thought.

As she pushed through the white doors, she was heartened to see
four adult males working in the kitchen – 1 older black man, 2 white
men, and one young black man who seemed about 18 or 19 at the most.
The old black man looked up to see her.

“Hey, missy, you ain’t allowed in here, this’s the kitchen.”

Kate didn’t say a word, just kept walking up to him. All four men
stopped their activities to watch her. She walked right up to the man
who spoke. He was about 50 or 60 years old, coal-dark skin with snowy
white hair up top, and towered a good 5 feet, three inches tall. He
peered up at her curiously. Kate brought her face down to almost his
eye level. She knew what she wanted him to notice – the line of semen
on her chin.

The old man peered at her face for a second, seeming to not
recognize what he felt sure he saw. Slowly a grin crept over his
crinkled face.

“Shit, lady, you got cum on your mouth! Whatthefuck..”

At his words, the other three men quickly gathered around the

“Goddam, look at that – she does, she’s got some jizzum right on
her chin. “

“Motherfuck I know what she wants now, man, a good fucking from

“Shit, horseface, you go watch the door, don’t let none o’them
fucking waitresses in here to fuck this up!” said one of the men
excitedly, punching the previous speaker jokingly on the arm.

The old black man spoke. “Just what is it you want, lady? We
don’t need to funny stuff back here now…”

Kate answered him coolly. “Don’t worry, Pops. First off, no
fucking. No way am I gonna get down on this floor and let you guys
fuck with my snatch. But -“, and she looked around cautiously, “I’ll
give you guys the experience of a lifetime, if you cooperate. But ya
gotta play by my rules, or the games off, hear me?”

The guys looked at each other. They all nodded or agreed to go
along with her as-yet unvoiced plan.

“Ok. All I want is your cum. Whatever you got stored up in those
nice balls of yours, I want. I’ll show you my titties if you want, or
talk dirty, or whatever. But I don’t remove any other clothes, and I
don’t fuck. Got that?” They all agreed. She continued. “I’ll suck you
if I have to, but I’d rather you jerked off. I want you to cum in my
cup here. Not on my tits, not on my face, not in the goddam soup, but
here in my coffee. Ok?” Again, stunned but eager agreement. “Now
heres what I want – you all gather around me up close like this…”

Kate gathered the men in a tight circle around her. She dropped
to a squatting position, careful not to drop her knees to the grimy
floor. She pulled her blouse up over her head and asked one of the men
to put it someplace where it wouldn’t get dirty. The men gazed in
admiration at her creamy white breasts and hard nipples. Kate ordered
them to unzip and take out their cocks, and start playing with them.
She watched shyly as four pricks soon felt the warm kitchen air. She
was a bit suprised to see the cock on the young black man was rather
small, not at all what she expected. It hardened under his fist to no
more than four or five inches fully extended. One white cock seemed
nicely shaped, and came with a large set of (hopefully, Kate thought)
cum-filled balls. The other white cock was a bit larger, perhaps seven
to eight inches in length and two inches thick. Very nice, thought
Kate. But when she glanced to her right fully, and saw the cock on the
old black man, she had to fight back a gasp. The old man had a cock
easily ten inches long, and it wasn’t even hard yet. Kate couldn’t
resist reaching out and grasping it firmly in one slim white hand. She
shucked the skin back and forth on the shaft, pulling more and more
blood into it, feeling it harden in her fingers to a steel-like shaft.

“WOW! This is some dogbone you got here, man, where’you been all
my life!” she joked. “I hope this thing works as good as it looks!”

“Don’t you worry, lady, I still got plenty of jizzum for you. Why
don’t you just lick the tip a bit and see.” Kate looked up at him,
and then nodded, letter her face fall to the level of this super-cock.
It was almost fully hardened now, and seemed as long and thick as her
arm. She extended just the tip of her dainty pink tongue and laved the
shiny plum-colored head of the man’s penis. As she did, she pulled up
on the skin, and was gratified to feel a small lump of pre-cum come
floating up the vein and pop out of the slit at the end. She gathered
it up, and fed it back into her mouth. “Hmmm. Kinda nutty, but nice!”
she smiled up at the old guy. She wanted to save this one for last!

Swerving to her left, she saw a zebra of cock, white, black then
white. They were all being fully fisted by their owners. Kate leaned
forwards and kissed each one in turn, tasting the differing tang and
textures of the precum on each tip. She sat back on her heels, taking
in the situation. Squatting on a grimy floor in the kitchen of a
restaurant right in the middle of the busiest mall in the city, her
chest fully exposed, and four erect cocks being masturbated directly
at her face. This was beyond her wildest fantasies! The youngest one
was rapidly pumping away at his cock, breathing hard and grunting.

“Man I’m gonna cum right now, this is hot, lady get that cup over
here!” Kate hurredly moved the cup to hold it about three inches in
front of his pulsating cock. He pointed it down and quickly blasted
five strong streams of young black cum right into the center of the
cup, splashing the liquid around crazily. As he finshed pulling the
last dregs of his load out and dripping them into the cup, Kate leaned
forward on impulse and popped the tip of his shaft in her mouth,
feeling the last jet pulse across her tongue. She noisily slurped the
cock shaft into her mouth then pulled back, letting it fall from
between her lips with a wet smack.

“That’s for being such a good shot, and not sperming all over a
helpless lady’s pretty face, my boy.” she grinned up at him. He
blushed and stuffed his cock back into his trousers, obviously not
exactly at ease in this situation. As Kate shifted her weight, one of
the other men began to grunt and groan. Just as she turned her head to
check the status, his cock jumped and a gout of semen flew out. Kate
ducked her head quickly to the side, almost hearing the white bullet
whiz past her hair. She yelled “NO! DOWN,DOWN!” and quickly, but
without spilling any, moved the cup to the front of his pants. He
pushed his shaft downward and away from him. Another jet leapt out,
this time impacting solidly on Kate’s left tit, splashing into tiny
drops and drooling down the curve of her bosom. ‘FUCK!’ she thought,
‘he’s blowing all over me!’ Kate reached out and grabbed the cock
from its’ owner, pulling on it and pointing the head directly into her
coffee cup. She milked three good shots of semen out of him, it joined
the two loads already swimming about in the caffeine. The man wheezed
and grunted with pleasure, falling away.

“Ohfuck lady you’d better get over here..” she heard the third
man groan, and turned to see a blur with a cock in the middle. The man
masturbated so fast that Kate thought he would injure himself, but he
kept the shaft of his penis in one spot, the head seemed not to even
move about. Kate moved the cup so that the lip of it rested right
under the tip of the man’s cock. She looked up at him.

“That’s right, honey, blow that jizz right in there, I like your
cum, I want your cum, I want to taste it and mix it with the others,
just keep on jerking…maybe tomorrow I’ll come by again and you can
spray your nasty cum all over my face and lips, would you like that,
big boy, wouldn’t you like to cum on a married woman’s face and let
her go home to her husband and kiss him, knowing that your cum was
still drying on her face, wouldn’t you like that..” she rapidly
encouraged the man. Her words had the desired effect. Suddenly the tip
of his cock turned dark red and a long, thick stream of warm semen
spilled out, disappearing into the cup in her hands. Again, a jet of
cum flew out, then another and another. Kate counted an astonished
seven jets of cum before the man exhausted himself into her drink.

She turned to the old black man. “Ok, now it’s your turn, my

A few minutes later a smug Kate stole out of the kitchen, bearing
her prize before her carefully. She made her way back to the table
where Linda was finishing up her salad. She looked up as her
girlfriend returned.

“And just where have you been, you naughty girl?” Linda laughed.
She looked at Kate. Kates cheeks were flushed and red, and her eyes
seemed sparkly. Her lips were tightly compressed, and Kate didn’t say
a word. She set the cup down in front of Linda. Linda looked in, and
saw what appeared to be coffee-flavored semen, rather than the other
way around.

“All right, you did it! How many did you get?” Kate leaned over
and picked up a napkin and rapidly penciled some words on it, then
twisted it for Linda to read.

“3 + 1 in here – look up”

Linda read the words and looked up at Kate’s face. Kate slowly
opened her lips as she sat down. Linda saw the line of white almost
immediately. As Kate’s lips opened further, Linda was astonished to
see the entire lower part of her mouth was flooded with semen. It
covered her teeth and tongue almost completely. Linda even saw streaks
of it on the roof of Kate’s mouth and farther back in her throat. Kate
opened her mouth as wide as she could so that Linda could peer into it
like a dentist. Kate swished her tongue around in the sperm, spreading
it around like a milky paste. Satisfied that Linda had seen enough,
she closed her mouth and swallowed roughly. Two times. Then she licked
her lips with her tongue, pulling in any stray droplets. Finally she
cleared her throat enough to speak.

“Five loads in less than 15 minutes. Not bad for a beginner, eh?”

The Cum Drinkers Part Three

Kate and Linda left the mall, and decided to drive downtown and
see ‘what kind of trouble they might be able to get into’, as Linda
laughingly called it. Kate was still buzzed about her momentous affair
at the restaurant, and idly rubbed her crotch through the short skirt
she had on.

“God, I’d love to be able to finger myself right now..” she
murmured as Linda merged her car onto the expressway into town.

“Well, hell, go ahead, darling, I won’t tell!” grinned Linda. Kate
looked at her with a gleam in her eyes. She pulled up on the hem of
the skirt until her white pantied crotch came into view, then hunched
down on the seat. She lifted her hips off the seat and pulled the
crotch of her panties away until Linda could see the pink lips of her
pussy peek out. Kate kept her bush trimmed away quite a bit, and Linda
loved the sight of the glistening feminine lips. Kate moistened her
index finger in her mouth and slowly wormed it up into her canal,
closing her eyes and moaning softly as she did. She tweaked her
clitoris as she slowly moved her finger in and out of her now-moist

“oh god this feels sooooo good” she breathed heavily. She
continued massaging her mons and twisting first one, then two, then
three fingers up into her depths. Suddenly she cried out softly,
arched her hips up off the seat, and whimpered ‘cumming cumming
cumming….’ through clenched lips and closed eyes. Linda smiled as
her friend slumped back down onto the seat and sighed heavily.

Kate was awakened from her reverie by a honk from just outside her
window. She abruptly sat up and looked out, straight into the face of
the driver of a van who had pulled up to their right and, from all
appearances, had watched the entire performance. He grinned at Kate,
gave her the ‘thumbs up’ signal, and slowly passed their car. Kate
just smiled at him and nodded.

The women soon found themselves in the business district of town,
an area decorated with fashionable high-rise office buildings and chic
shops, with the usual scattered crowd of weekend tourists and natives
about. Linda parked her car in an underground lot near a large plaza,
and the two women walked up into the bright sunshine of the late

“So, whatdaya want to do?” inquired Kate, grinning impishly.

“I don’t know, let’s just wander around and see what comes up!”
returned Linda, smiling back at her friend. Both women were dressed to
kill. Kate had on a short white skirt with a wide belt and a knit
halter top, which showed the upper slopes of her breasts in alluring
detail. Her long legs were skin- bare, but she had on daring high
heels of black leather. Linda was more coyishly dressed, in skin-tight
blue jeans and a sweater. Neither women wore a bra. They attracted
many glances and outright stares from men as they wandered aimlessly
around the plaza, stopping to dip their fingers in the fountain and
pat their flushed cheeks with wet hands. They sat for a moment on the
lip of a large fountained pool.

“Watch this.” Linda whispered to Kate. They say three good looking
men walking their way, dressed in jogging shorts. “I’m gonna give
these guys the treat of the day..” Kate watched spellbound as Linda
pulled down the cleavage of her sweater with one long fingernail. She
glanced back at the men. All three seemed to see it at the same time.
Linda’s finger pulled the sweater material down, down, down, until it
would stretch no more. Then she pulled the side of the cloth away,
completely exposing one full breast. She licked one finger and rubbed
it over her stiff nipple. Linda looked up at the men as they tried to
walk inconspicuously closer. She caught one’s eye. Winked. Kate looked
at them and blushed furiously.

“Hi, guys. Sure is warm here in the sun, isn’t it?” Linda asked
boldly. The men walked closer. This was something they’d never
expected when they left wives and girlfriends to jog around downtown.
Here were two incredibly beautiful women, obviously not hookers, and
one was fully exposing her breast to them. One man looked around

“Jeeze, lady, what’re you tryin’ to do, get arrested or something?
What if a cop sees you?”

“I don’t see any around, besides, by the time he got here, I’d
just cover up again and say he must have been mistaken. You’d back me
up, wouldn’t you?” Linda responded, dropping into her ‘little girl
lost’ voice towards the end.

“Um, gee, sure, sure, yeah…”

“Ok, so let’s get right down to business. How would you guys like
a little entertainment for a while?”

“What do you mean? We’re not interested in pay-“

“Who said anything about money? We’re just a couple of horny gals,
and we’d like to kill an hour or two getting our chimes rung. How
about it?” Kate looked at Linda incredulously. Here she was, in the
middle of downtown, in the middle of the day, propositioning three men
for sex!! “My friend here is all tensed up, aren’t you honey” she
finished, looking at Kate. Kate just looked back at the three men
blankly, then nodded her head slowly. This was SO strange! But a
delicious thrill ran through her. This was adventurous sex, dangerous
sex, sex with a stranger. She’d never dreamed of it.

Linda stood up and motioned for the men to follow her. Kate
dropped in behind them.

“I’m Jack, this is Bob, and the tall one’s Roger” spoke up one
man. Kate was about to blurt out their names when Linda turned and cut
her off.

“I’m Gina, and this is Eva” she said conspiratorially, arching one
eyebrow at a bewildered Kate. Linda led them into a luckily unsecured
office building. She herded them into an elevator, and punched the
highest button. “I hope you guys aren’t afraid of heights!” she joked.
The car clacked and jerked to a stop on the 45th floor. The five
stepped out cautiously into the hall, looking about. It was deserted.
Linda led them to a steel door that opened up to the brilliantly sunny
roof area. They looked around at the various vents, blowers and
mechanical equipment positioned randomly on the roof.

“C’mon, guys, over here,” Linda motioned, bringing them to one
edge of the roof. They looked down over the parapet and gazed for a
moment at the street scene below them. “I’ve always wanted to fuck up
on top of a building!” said Linda, smiling. “Line up, guys, and drop
’em.” she commanded. Kate was amazed at the way Linda took charge. The
three men looked at them, then shrugged their shoulders and peeled
down their running shorts. Three large and growing jock-straps stared
the girls in the face.

“Hmmmm. Nice cups, guys. Jack, you first” Linda pointed at one
man. He peeled the athletic supporter down. His almost fully erect
cock sprang up, bouncing and gleaming in the sunlight. In turn, Bob
and Roger shed their remaining clothes, standing there in sneakers and
pubic hair.

“Ok, here’s the story. We want your sperm. That’s all. But not in
the usual way. We’ll only touch you with our hair. We’ll wrap it
around your cocks and you can jerk off with it, but that’s it. And
when you come, you have to catch it all in the palm of your hand.
After that, who knows?” Linda ordered. Kate knew what was after

Jack said “What, no fucking or sucking? That seems like a waste,
you know?”

“Hey, don’t look a gift horse in the mouth. If you don’t agree,
there’s the door.” Linda returned. The men slowly nodded in agreement.
Linda and Kate walked over to them and knelt in the small semi-circle
formed by the young men. The guys started pulling their cocks, and the
women leaned forward, allowing them access to their hair. It was
strange at first, the men thought, feeling the soft, silky locks
around their cocks, but it rapidly grew erotic and sexy. Linda had Bob
and Rogers cocks tunneling through her longer hair, while Kate enjoyed
the feel of Jack’s penis as it rubbed sexily through her scalp. The
women leaned back, and Kate pulled her sweater up over her head,
baring her chest completely. Linda was quick to follow. The men gazed
longingly at the full breasts of each woman, watching in fascination
as the four nipples hardened and turned rigid. Kate reached over to
tweak Linda’s left breast, and Linda turned to her and did the same to
Kate’s right tit.

“Like this, guys?” Kate spoke for the first time.

“Oh yeah, that’s it, rub her nipple, make the cunt hot!” grunted

Kate moaned as Linda’s fingers kneaded and teased her aroused
flesh. Above them, the men were rapidly rising towards orgasm,
stroking their cocks and gazing at the beautiful women at their feet.

“Don’t forget guys, come in your hands. Save it all.” Linda
reminded them.

“Oh, man, this is farfucking out” said Bob, through clenched
teeth. “I’m gonna shoot off any second now.” He backed away from
Linda’s head slightly, and started making long strokes down the shaft
of his cock. Linda broke her own rule, reaching up to massage and
fondle his scrotum. She tickled his balls, urging the warm semen being
readied for it’s journey up the shaft and out the tip of Bob’s
reddening cock. Then he quickly brought his left hand around and
pointed the tip of his cock at it.

“Watch this, I’m gonna cuuuuummmmm!” he groaned. Linda felt his
balls tighten up in their sack and watched fascinated as a thick
streamer of semen flew from the head of his cock and splattered wetly
in his cupped left hand. Again she felt his balls churn, and she
squeezed them, coaxing every bit of available sperm out of them. Bob
groaned again, and another jet of cum headed for his hand.

“fuckfuckfuck I’m
cummmmmmmmmmmmmiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnnnggggggggggggggggg” he groaned
through clenched teeth, as the pleasurable shivers ran through this
body and were evidenced by the rapidly pulsing cock in his right hand.
He pulsed three more squirts of sperm into his hand before his body
untensed and he shrank back, emptied.

“Not bad, not bad at all. Let’s see what you’ve got.” said Linda.
She gently put her fingers around his wrist and pulled his hand
towards her. “Hmmm. About an ounce and a half, I’d say. What about
you, Kate?” she questioned, turning the palm towards her friend.

“Yep, that looks about right. Nice and thick, too, not so watery
and runny as some I’ve seen,” thinking back to the scene at the
kitchen only a few hours before.

“Ok, good. Now hold it, man, and don’t let it drool away.” Bob
cupped his hands together, puzzled at the requests, but wondering
where this bizarre woman was headed.

Just then Kate felt, rather than heard, the soft squish of Jack’s
penis as it shuddered and released a jet of sperm across her scalp.

“Ohman here is comes!” he yelled, quickly stepping back and
directing his penis towards his other hand. Kate pulled away, brushing
the small line of cum from her forehead. She watched, encouraging, as
Jack emptied himself similarly to Bob.

“Yeah, go ahead man, cream it all for me, let it go, I wanna see
it, I wanna see it” she murmured to him, looking up at his strained
face as he forced the ejaculate up and out. His palm filled.

By the time he finished spurting, Roger had joined the spillage
going on, spraying one wicked stream over Linda’s shoulder before he
could position correctly and direct the outpourings of his arousal
where it was directed. The two men panted and groaned at the release,
sweat pouring off their trim bodies. Kate felt a small trickle of
sperm slid down over her eyebrow and drop to her cheek. Finally, the
three men stood, palms cupped with their offerings, rapidly shrinking
cocks dwindling.

“Now what the fuck are you gonna do?” inquired Roger. “Make us
stand here with cum all over our hands?”

“No, silly. We’re gonna drink it all down like little birdies!”
rejoined Linda. The men looked at her, mystified. As if to respond,
she lay down slowly on the tossed clothes, and motioned for Kate to
join her. Kate did so, until their heads were right next to each
others, legs pointing in opposite directions. “Now, come over here,
move your hands to just over our faces, and open up!” Roger moved over
to her and knelt down next to her head. Bob came to the top of her
head, and Jack went next to Kate. The two women opened their mouths
and wiggled their tongues nastily.

“Ok, guys, let ‘er rip!”

The men slowly opened their cupped palms. A stream of sperm
dropped out, like a warm white shower, dripping quickly into Linda’s
open mouth. Kate was also inundated with the semen, feeling it drip
slowly into her face. On and on the shower continued, line after line,
huge dollop after huge dollop of sperm adhering to the law of gravity
and dropping from the mens’ hands into the faces and open, awaiting
mouths, of the bare chested women below them. As they finished, the
men moved their hands down, allowing the women to lick and cleanse
their palms. Kate squished the sperm around in her mouth. She had
gotten just about all of Jack’s, a good bit of Bob’s and even a drop
of two of Roger’s ejaculation. Linda had captured most of Roger’s, the
rest of Bob’s and a few drops of Jacks. Share and share alike, she
thought. She too swirled the captured cum around her cheeks and over
her teeth, enjoying the sensuous feel of the slightly sticky, salty
sauce. Finally she swallowed, feeling the mass slide down her throat.
Looking over, she noticed Kate had just done the same. The two women
kissed, spearing their spermy tongues into each other’s mouths,
rubbing lips and tits as they shared the men’s sperm. Kate reached
down and rubbed her overheated crotch, feeling the orgasm begin and
rapidly explode all through her body, shuddering with it’s force.
Linda squealed and quivered the same as her own fingers brought the
climax to her.

The women lay next to each other for a few moments, feeling the
men stroke their bodies and glow in the pleasure. Finally, Linda sat
up, and said “I bet you never had that happen before, did you?” The
men shook their heads in disbelief.

Later, while driving home, Kate and Linda discussed their newfound
fascination with semen.

“I don’t know what it is about me, I’ve just gotten to really
enjoy the taste and texture of cum. It’s different than almost
anything else I’ve ever tasted!” said Linda, calmly.

Kate agreed. “I know what you mean, it’s strange. Some women, and
men, for that matter, might think this is really gross or something,
but I suppose when you think about it, it’s not really all that bad. I
mean, hell, what is sperm anyway? Ninety-eight percent water. A few
million little sperm cells wiggling around, to small to see without a
microscope. And some other fluid and sugars and stuff. Big deal. But
to think that we’re doing something that is really different, well
that turns me on like crazy!”

“Yeah, just the feeling of that slippery, kinda sticky juice on my
body is sexy. And I love to watch a man come, it’s very intense, they
way they screw up their faces and groan and moan. I wonder if it feels
anything like when we girls have an orgasm.”

“I don’t know. I kinda think that a man’s orgasm is centered
around his cock, where mine feel like their going all over my body. I
suppose it’s all in your head anyway, but it’s gotta be good for them
too, right? Or else they wouldn’t be so horny all the time!” Kate

“You got it, babe,” Linda joked along with her. “Hey, tonight
let’s see if we can get our golfed out husbands to donate a little
squirt or too for us, and compare notes tomorrow, eh?”

Kate agreed. . . .

The next day, Linda’s husband came over to watch a baseball game
at Kate’s house, so Kate excused herself and went to see Linda. She
had a wonderful time the night before, and wanted to hear all about
Linda’s evening too. When she got to Linda’s house, the two women
grabbed a bottle of wine, two glasses, and sat out on the covered
porch behind the house.

“Well, honey, how’d you do last night? You have a certain glow
about you, I take it you got lucky?” asked Linda breathlessly.

“Well, if you count about 30 orgasms as lucky, I guess you could
say that!”

“Jeesus! What’d you do, invite over the Hell’s Angels or
something?” quizzed Linda.

“Oh, no, not this time. I got Rog all hot and bothered by walking
around in a short nighty, and managed to get him upstairs. We took a
nice hot bath together, and then we went to bed. I told him I’d really
like for him to eat me for a while, and promised to return the favor.
Well, he got into it right away. He kissed me real hard and deep, and
then he just kinda moved down my body, kissing my boobies and sticking
his tongue in my belly-button on the way down. Then he moved around
and pushed my knees apart, and just leaned right down in my pussy. He
breathed on it really warm for a few seconds, then put his tongue on
my clit and started to suck it in. He twiddled it with the tip of his
tongue, and then slid one finger up in me. It felt GREAT! Then he
began sliding his tongue up and down the lips of my pussy, kissing and
sucking at them like he hadn’t eaten in days. He was gently pushing
his finger in and out of my hole, rubbing the inside really great.
Then he must have found my G-spot ’cause all of a sudden I started
cumming over and over again. He knew he had me, and kept licking and
sucking and pulling on my clit and squeezing my G-spot. I must have
cum for three solid minutes, I finally had to push him away because I
got so sensitive I couldn’t stand it anymore. He sat up with that
shit-eating grin of his on his face, then lay down next to me and held
me for the longest time, I just lay there and gasped like a race horse
after the Kentucky Derby.”

“WOW! That sound’s really good. Then what, did you do him?” Linda
asked excitedly.

“Well, yeah. I wanted to pay him back for the great time he’d
given me, so after I got my breath back, I rolled him over on his
back. His cock was just semi-hard, so I put my hand around it and
started to slowly stroke it back and forth, kissing him and telling
him how great he was. He ate it up. He started pumping his hips back
and forth, moving his cock through my hand. Then I put my head on his
stomach and stuck my tongue out, letting the tip of his cock touch it
each time he came though. Gradually I let more and more of it go into
my mouth and moved my hand away. After a few minutes, he was stroking
all the way into my mouth and to the back of my throat. I made sure I
had plenty of spit and kept him nice and wet and slippery. Every now
and then I’d bite down real gently on him, and let him pull back
through my teeth. He had his hands on the back of my head, sometimes
moving my head back and forth on his cock, sometimes just holding me
and fucking in and out of my mouth with his beautiful cock. I could
taste some pre-cum leaking out of him, and didn’t want to have him
shoot off too fast, so after a few minutes, I stopped. I told him I
wanted him to watch what I was doing, so we switched positions a bit.
I sat up, and rested against the headboard and a couple of pillows,
and I made him come up and straddle my chest. I pushed my boobs
together and he slid his cock back and forth between them for a bit.
That was fun, I really like the feeling of his cock between my
breasts. Then I pulled him up and let him put his penis right into my
mouth. He was looking down at me, and I was looking up at him, and it
was adorable. He looked just like a little baby, with his eyes closed
and a dreamy sort of look on his face.”

“Then I told him I wanted him to cum right in my mouth and down my
throat. He was getting really near, so I pulled him out of my mouth. I
opened up as wide as I could, and just pulled his cock back and forth.
I felt him begin to tremble, then he said ‘watch out, honey, here I
cum’ and then he did. Boy, did he cum! The first shot went straight
into my mouth, luckily I didn’t choke on it or anything. Then he went
off again, and this one went into my mouth too, but a little bit of it
hit my upper lip. Roger must have been storing it up for a week,
because I had to close my mouth and swallow, and just as I did, he
shot off again. Well, my mouth was closed, so it hit me right between
the lips and dribbled down over my chin. That felt so neat I closed my
eyes and he shot again, this time it hit my cheek and jaw. I can
remember the feeling even now, it was so crazy and kinky and sexy
feeling these little spurts of hot liquid hit my face. All in all he
must have shot seven or eight streams of cum onto my face, and as he
slowed down I put his cock back in my mouth and sucked the last bits
out and swallowed them. It was SOOOO GREAT!! I’m laying there all
sweaty and gasping, with Roger’s cum all over my face, and he’s
holding on to the headboard above me and shaking and shuddering like
someone possessed. I kept his cock in my mouth for a couple of
minutes, just kinda nursing on it like a baby on a tit. I could feel
the cum cooling and drying on my face, and I started to rub it in. But
he grabbed my hand and told me to wait, he just wanted to look at me
like that. So I stopped, and we just stared into each other’s eyes for
a minute or so. Then the goddam phone rang! I nearly jumped out of my
skin. You know how it is after you have a hot and heavy session like
that, you get all relaxed and calmed down and you’re half asleep. So I
jumped, and managed to answer the phone. It was my mother, of all
things! I couldn’t just tell her to call back, so she has me on the
phone talking about her neighbors and all this other gossip and stuff,
and I’m lying there talking back to her with my husband’s semen all
over my face! It was wild! Roger started massaging it into my face
while I’m talking, and that nearly set me off again. I started
giggling and groaning, and Mom asked me what the heck was the matter.
Well, I couldn’t exactly tell her that Roger was wiping all his cum
off my face, now could I? I finally got her off the phone, and Roger
and I rubbed his cum into my face and boobs and all, then we fell
asleep. I woke up this morning with it all caked and dry on me, but it
felt good anyway. So that’s my story. What about you?”

The CUM Drinkers Part 4

Kate and Linda spent a quiet few weeks reliving their recent
adventures. Nothing too exciting happened to either of them, since, in
real life, sexual escapades tend to run in cycles. You have a great
couple of weeks, then a few barren ones. Then things start to perk up
again. Kate was looking forward to the upcoming Halloween holiday,
she loved dressing up in sexy exotic costumes and wandering the
neighborhood, watching the children run shrieking from house to house.
She wondered if any of the neighbors realized that the woman dressed
in the micro-skirt, tall stilletto heels and heavy makeup was their
neighbor Kate. She even talked Linda into going out with her that
evening. Kate’s husband was out of town on a business trip for several
days, and Linda’s mate went across town to play poker with some
buddies. Once again, the ladies who loved cum were on their own.

“Lin, I just know you’ll love this – it’s so much fun to walk
around the neighborhood all dressed up and seeing people’s reactions
to us. They’ll never know its us!”

“I hope you’re right, hon, if this gets around Roger’ll kill me!”
her friend responded, only slightly humorously. The ladies spent the
afternoon before Halloween night getting their hair and fingernails
done, both of them luxuriating in the splendor of the salon they went
to. Their every need was catered to as they sipped champagne and
strawberries. Linda, on a dare, even had the young beauty parlor girl
trim her pubic hair back, until just a small patch wove it’s way on
top of her mound, and her pussy lips were completely bared. Linda
allowed herself a mini-orgasm as the cute young girl carefully trimmed
and shaved her sexual regions. The girl was not as embarrassed as
Linda might have thought – as she finished, she leaned forward and
gave Linda’s crotch a loving swipe with her tongue, pausing to diddle
her clit just long enough to let Linda know that she was turned on
herself. Linda picked up her head between her hands and kissed her

The ladies anxiously awaited nightfall. In their part of the
country, the sun set quickly, and the night, though seasonally cool,
was not at all unpleasant. Kate was wearing a very short, tight skirt
that rode far up her thighs, a tiny cotton halter top, and high red
heels with stockings. The tops of the stockings just barely hid
beneath the hem of the skirt, and if Kate bent down or sat, a nice
expanse of creamy thigh was exposed, under the sensous red garter
strap. She loved dressing like that. Linda wore short shorts that
seemed painted on her trim buns, and spent several minutes trimming
the crotch up until her panties almost peeked through the seams. A
lacy, almost see-through blouse and a black lace bra completed the
outfit. Linda purposely wore the dark bra under the white blouse, so
that interested viewers could see exactly what she was so proud of.
Her legs were bare, but she also wore heels, though not so high as

Finally, they were ready. Leaving Kate’s house excitedly, they
walked several blocks down one broad avenue, then zigged and zagged
their way until they were far enough from their homes to be safe from
really familiar prying eyes. Then they just tagged along with the kids
going from door to door, taking care to stay far enough away so that
the random parent out with his or her children wouldn’t become
suspicious. They loved to see the kids dressed up in their costumes –
there were darling little princesses, fierce pirates, kung-fu
warriors, Ninja turtles, and of course , a surfeit of Batmans and Dick
Tracys. As the night passed, the number of young kids on the street
seemed to dwindle, and Kate noticed that the age of those out now
seemed to have increased to the mid-teens. She saw one young girl who
couldn’t have been more than 15 dressed like the most exotic
streetwalker she had ever seen, complete with spandex pants, stilletto
heels and garish makeup. “How could her mother send her out like
that!?” she wondered to herself. “Oh, well, I guess they’re growing up
earlier than ever….”

The women didn’t notice that a small group of boys had seemed to
pick them up, and was following them wherever they turned. They didn’t
seem to be deliberately tailing them, though, so they weren’t too
worried. Every few minutes, Kate or Linda would turn and sneak a
quick look back at the pack of kids, each time seeing the number
increase by three or four bodies. At one point, there seemed to be
close to twenty or twenty-five kids following them, nearly all boys or
young men.

“Kate, I don’t know about this, I think we’d better head back. I
don’t like the looks of that gang back their behind us. Whaddaya say
we head for home, eh?” The words were hardly out of her mouth when,
with a suddeness that took their breath away and almost made Kate
stumble in her shoes, three older teenagers appeared on the sidewalk
just ahead of them. They were rough looking, boys about 17 or 18, with
jeans and wild looking tee-shirts on. The three boys spread across the
sidewalk, effectively blocking their paths.

“Well, what have we here” sneered one, “looks like a coupla
hookers out for a quick trick or treat!” His buddies laughed and
chortled at his wit. “How’s business, girls, getting any tonight?”

“Hey, we’re just out to have some fun, and we’re NOT hookers!”
spoke Kate sharply, but she was ignored. The three walked slowly
towards them, and Linda turned to see the entire gang that was
following them close up. Within seconds, they were surrounded by
almost thirty laughing, leering teenagers, mostly boys, but Kate
notices some rough-looking girls along with them.

“Hey, babe, nice tits” a voice rang out, causing cheers and

“What say we head back to our party house and take care of you”
spoke another voice from the shadows. This was greeted with clapping
and choruses of “Oh, yeah, that’s the right thing” and “Let’s give the
bitches a Halloween to remember” and other lewd comments. Kate
reddened and clutched at LInda’s arm for support.

“What are we gonna do!” she whispered to her friend, “These guys
look tough. And there’s nobody else around! What’re we gonna do?”

Before Linda could respond, her question was answered. Four of the
biggest, strongest looking guys came up, and each pair grabbed the two
housewives and pinned their arms to their sides.

“I think we should have a good ol’ fashioned gang bang!” said one.
He seemed to be the leader, if judging only by his swagger and size.
“We’re gonna take you ladies over to our secret little hiding place,
and have some fun, eh guys?” Cheers rang out. Quickly, hands covered
their mouths, and Kate and Linda both felt handkerchiefs or bandanas
wrapped around their eyes, quickly blocking out their vision. The
strong arms still held their arms pinioned to their sides, and Kate
suddenly felt hands roaming over her tits and pawing at her legs.
“Jezzus this bitch’s got nice tits!” rang out one young voice, and
Kate felt herself blush furiously. The nerve of these kids, grabbing
her and Linda! The wives felt themselves being led down one block and
up another, down another and across a third, then cutting across what
felt like several lawns and yards. They had no idea where they might
have been. They could have been dozens of blocks from their own homes,
or they could have been one street away. Finally, they felt the hands
push/pull them up a short flight of stairs and across a porch, then
through a swinging screen door into a musty, smoky smelling room. The
house smelled of beer and smoke and other odors that Kate and LInda
could only guess about.

Finally, they were pushed roughly into what seemed to be a large
living or dining room. Mattresses, dirty, filthy, grungy, smelly
mattresses covered one entire corner of the room. Their eye coverings
were whipped off, and the wives blinked slowly in the dim light. As
they adjusted, they saw what appeared to be a house that had been 50
or 60 percent completed, then never finished. Floors and walls were
in, and most doors, but they could see that the trim and finishing was
not done. The kids gathered in around them, loudly bustling and
jostling the women around. The leader stepped up to them.

“OK. You don’t need to know my name, you can just call me Long
John. You’ll find out why in a few minutes. Me and my friends here are
gonna have some fun with you both, and as long as you don’t fight it,
we’ll try not to hurt you….too much.” The last phrase was added
with a leering grin. He reached out and tweaked the nipple of Linda’s
right breast, and she shrank back in protest. She couldn’t speak
through the rough hand clapped over her mouth, but her eyes burned
fire at the obnoxious teen. “You may as well not yell or scream or try
to get out. We’ve locked all the doors and windows from inside, and
we’re blocks away from anybody else. It’s nice and private here –
that’s why we like it. Now my buddies are gonna take their hands off
of your mouths, so let’s not scream or anything, OK? Or it might be
worse for you…”. He motioned to the boys holding the women’s mouths
covered, and they let their hands off, slowly. Kate drew in a full

“Listen you little punk, if you think that Linda and I are just
gonna stand by while you do God knows what, well you can just go fuck
yourself, you know -“

“NO! We can just FUCK YOURSELF you snotty little bitch! And by the
time this evening’s over, you’re gonna be begging for more, you slut
cunt!” the leader screamed back at her. “So shutup and follow orders,
and you might just survive.” He stomped over to one corner of the
room, ordering several sitting teens off the cushions and mattresses.
“Ok, everybody back. Just circle around them. Move back, fuckheads,
that’s it, back..” The group slowly enlarged the circle around the
two women, who found themselves the center of attention once again.
“Ok. Strip.” He said it with such a lack of feeling that at first
Kate and Linda didn’t even understand him.

“I said STRIP! Get those fuckin’ clothes off or we’ll do it for
you.” Kate and Linda looked at each other, and didn’t move a muscle.
Seconds passed. Neither woman moved. “Ok, Ok, if that’s what you want.
Joe, Tony, you guys, get these sluts naked and NOW!” Four or five
boys leapt at the women, tearing their clothes off like madmen. Kate’s
skirt was ripped right off her body, and the halter top was pulled
roughly up over her head. The crowd whistled and cheered when they saw
her in the garter belt and stockings. Linda fared no better, being
held struggling while one lad unzipped and pulled her shorts down her
legs and pulled them off her ankles. She too soon lost her chest
coverings, and within seconds both women were virtually naked. Kate
had only her garters and stockings, her panties having been claimed by
an unknown male. Linda likewise lost her bra and panties. She kicked
her shoes at the boy who called himself Long John.

“Here, have these too you shithead!”

“Now, now, mustn’t loose our temper, little girly. Ok, I think for
the opening act, it’s time for a little sucky sucky. Just to keep
things safe, I think we’d better restrain you cunts a bit.” He
directed Joe and Tony to tie their wrists together behind their backs,
not too tightly, but tightly enough so that neither woman could move
her arms forward. Long John nodded at them when they were suitably
trussed, then glanced at Joe and Tony.

“On their knees. You ladies are gonna kiss every dick in this
room, and any of the pussies that want it, too.” Male hands pushed
Kate and Linda to their knees on the rough hardwood floor. As their
knees touched wood, the sound of every zipper in the room being
lowered was like a quick buzz saw through Kate’s bones. A line of boys
soon formed to Kate’s left. Each teen had his cock out. Long John
stepped back in front of the women.

“OK, guys, take your turns now, don’t be piggish, leave some for
the guy behind you. Don’t cum unless you absolutely have too. There’s
a long night ahead of us.” The first male moved up to Kate and with
no warning whatsoever, grabbed her head and shoved his hard cock into
her face. Kate tried to turn away, but the strong hands holding her
kept her face in line with the cock shaft. Relentlessly it pressed at
her lips, but she refused to open them. She could smell the manly odor
of the young boy’s cock wafting into her nostrils, and despite her
fear and despising of the way they were being treated, she found
herself beginning to respond. The boy reached down and began massaging
her nipple, gently but firmly. Kate was a bit suprised. She looked up
at him. ‘He is kinda cute…’ she thought. Her mouth opened of its’
own accord. The cock head tipped past her lips and slid over her
tongue. It hardened almost immediately and the boy groaned. He pumped
in and out no more than 10 times, then abruptly pulled away with a

“Oh god I gotta stop or I’ll fuck her right here.” He pulled back
from a gasping Kate, letting his overheated cock cool down. He stepped
to Kate’s right, and offered the cock to Linda. She looked at Kate,
then turned to face the boy.

“Ok, you fuckers. If this is what you want, then this is what
you’ll get. But let me tell you one thing, I’m gonnna fuck the living
shit out of each and every one of you assholes here, then I’m gonna
walk out of this place and fuck you all forever.” Her manner didn’t
faze the cock staring her in the face. He shoved. She opened. Kate
turned to face another cock.

After seven penises had introduced themselves to Kate’s lips and
teeth, she faced a furry female bush. She had no choice but to lean
forward and tongue the slit being held open for her. The girl groaned
in pleasure as Kate’s tongue found her clit.

“Oh fuck, she knows where to go, she knows…” groaned the girl.

‘Of course I do, I’m a woman like you’ Kate thought to herself.

After swabbing up and down the slit, which tasted suspiciously
salty to Kate several times, the girl moved across to Linda. Kate took
this time to turn to her friend and question with her eyes. Linda
looked back fiercely, not beaten or humbled.

Linda bent to the pussy in her face. As the girl held it open, she
saw the pearly drop of cum start to slide out. “Shit, girl, you’ve got
cum in your pussy!” she started to say. She looked up at the young
blonde, who simply winked back at her. Linda bent to the task. Kate
thought to herself that the pussy had tasted a bit familiar.

“Yeah, Bobby and I had a quick fuck a few minutes before we found
you, and now you get sloppy seconds. HA HA HA.” the young girl
laughed. “Now clean me out, douche-bag!” Linda touched her tongue to
the girl’s slit and lapped up the semen that had now started to flow
from the girl in force. The more she lapped up, the more dripped and
dribbled out of the girl. ‘This guy musta cum buckets!’ Linda
imagined. The sperm tasted tangy and tart to her. It dribbled from her
tongue and lips, streaking her chin as it flowed. The girl leaned
forward, grasping Linda’s head with her hands and pulled her into her
crotch, bumping her hips forward, grinding her sex into the other
woman’s face.

“Oh God yes, suck my clit, bitch, get me off…unh unh” the young
woman moaned.

Kate meanwhile had another cock thrust at her, this one large and
black, shining in the light. Kate pulled it into her mouth and sucked
strongly, beginning to get more and more aroused at the scene. She
wished her hands were free so she could reach down and play with her
clit and pussy, or that someone else would do it for her. She licked
and sucked at the shaft of the ebony prick in her mouth, tongueing
around the head and feeling it glide over her lips. All too soon, it
pulled from her mouth and the black boy moved down to Linda. Kate
faced a thin, rather small cock. She opened up and let it invade her
mouth as had the one before. She held steady as the body to which it
was attached thrust forward, arching before her. Suddenly she heard
Linda choke next to her, and turned her head slightly, just in time to
see the black teen’s cock spew a load of salty sperm onto Linda’s
sweaty face. The teen jerked his cock off.

“Yeah, baby, lick that cum, ahhhhh, yes, shit I jus’ couldn’t hold
it no more.” He shot several streams of white goo against Linda’s open
mouth and lips, as she tried desperately to re-capture the organ. The
first blast had obviously caught her off-guard and caused her to choke
slightly, but she soon recovered. Cum flew into her hair and across
her face in wet white lines. The boys and girls watching cheered and
guffawed to see what they viewed as the young wife’s humiliation.
Their noise quickly died, though, as they saw her lick around her
lips, trying to capture as much of the semen splattering her face as
she could.

“Holy shit, she likes it!”

“Look at her try to get it all! Goddam, that bitch is eatin’ that
cum like she ain’t had none in years…”

“Yeah, get it baby..”

Linda was moaning and groaning with suppressed pleasure. Kate
figured she was reliving the scene she had described to her from her
college days in the fraternity house where she had outlasted 30 or so
college studs. As the black teen moved away, Kate and Linda got back
to the tasks at, mouth.

Some fifteen minutes and eight cocks later, Kate got her first
sperm shower of the evening. Her smile was painted white by a tall,
gangly teen with a veiny, bulbous cock that had barely touched her
lips when it sprayed a load of hot semen into her mouth. Kate
swallowed quickly, preparing for the next stream, but the fellow
pulled his cock from her lips and, tilting her head back, jerked his
cock roughly, directing the streams of sperm across her face and into
her hair. His performance brought more hoots and catcalls from the
crowd gathered around them.

The line continued to visit the two kneeling women. Every eighth
or ninth person was female, but the vast majority of the sexual organs
presented to Kate and Linda were male in origin, all were in a state
of extreme arousal, and several reached orgasm during the ‘ceremony’.
As the end of the line neared, where “Long John” himself occupied the
last position, Kate and Linda’s facial features, breasts, and hair
were spotted with drying semen, pussy juice and sweat. Kate had been
the recipient of four male and three female orgasms. The sperm from
one teen had covered one eye completely, as he seemed to get a
devilish glee in shooting directly into her closed eye-socket. Another
had demanded that she keep her mouth open as he came in it, and he
deposited an amazing eleven squirts of heady, aromatic teenage jizzum
into her beautiful mouth, without spilling a drop. It took Kate
several swallows to get it all down. After another boy had sprayed
her features, the girl behind him massaged the semen into her face.

“Here, let me rub that jizzum into your skin. My boyfriend really
gets off on cumming in my face, and I think it helps keep my
complexion clear. Certainly a lot more fun than rubbing with an OXY-10
pad, isn’t it?” The two sexy wives continued to kneel, naked, their
hands tied behind their backs, breasts thrust out, being kneaded and
twisted by the rough hands that came with each teen. After the girl
finished massaging what little sperm still stuck to her face, Kate was
forced to lick the girl to orgasm, which she did willingly. Meanwhile,
Linda was, if anything, even more heavily plastered with sexual
juices. No less than nine boys unloaded their first orgasms of the
night into her face and mouth and tits. At one point, two boys at once
decided to spray her, each jerking and pulling on their cocks until
they erupted almost simultaneously. The streams of white sperm flew
from their cocks, splattering loudly on Linda’s cheeks and nose,
streaming down over her chin and dripping to her breasts. Through it
all, she kept her face proudly up.

“C’mon, you fuckers, spray that cum on me, go ahead, I love it,
give me your cum. I want it on my face, in mouth, in my hair. Do it to
me, drench me in your jizz, go ahead….” she cajoled them, letting
them know that they weren’t doing it just for their own pleasure. The
sights and sounds of the mature married woman egging them on seemed to
excite them even further. Before seconds had passed, Linda’s face was
thoroughly drenched in balljuice, it dripped from her nose and coated
her lips like white lipstick. She got as much into her mouth as she
could, swallowing loudly and gulping the thick, viscous fluid into her
belly. She seemed insatiable.

On and on the dance continued. Finally, there was only the last
boy in line. 24 boys and 7 women had passed by each wife, some just
for a brief minute, others long enough to enjoy a good sucking or
licking, others long enough to blast sexual juices onto the waiting
ladies. By the time Long John stepped up, Kate’s face was an almost
unrecognizable mask of sperm and juice. Her hair was absolutely
covered with webbed white streaks. Her breasts seemed to be leaking
white mother’s milk, only this milk came from cocks. Sperm dotted her
shoulders and thighs. She had swallowed a good bit of the juice
herself, and her lips were covered. Her one eye had dried shut from
the load one lad deposited there. Linda was a match – her face
streamed cum. It seemed that the boys, knowing she wanted it, made
special efforts to drape her lovely features with as much semen as
they could. Not nearly so much was matted in her hair or off her head.
It was though someone had spray painted thin white lines up and down
her face. She was literally covered in sperm from ear to ear. Her
tongue stretched out to lick as much as she could from her face, but
still left much more there for the gang’s enjoyment.

The boy who called himself ‘Long John’ finally stepped up to Kate.
“So, you sluts like cum, eh? Well, I think we can accomdate you
tonight. You look so fucking sexy there, naked, kneeling, with that
fucking jizz all over your faces. But we’re just getting started,
right gang?” The other kids yelled and cheered in agreement. “Now,
let’s just see how good you REALLY are at sucking cock. I ain’t found
a bitch yet that could get me all the way down.” As he finished, he
dropped his pants to his ankles. Kate and Linda gasped in unison. They
were looking at the longest cock they had ever seen. Even semi-hard,
it seemed at least 10 or 12 inches long. It reached almost to his
knees. It was thin and pale, but very very long. “Now you know why
they call me Long John, eh?” he laughed as he pumped blood into his
cock. Slowly it stiffened. It was so long that it couldn’t defy
gravity and point more than halfway into the air. more tips here It remained parallel
to the floor, fully hard. “This fucker’s 13 and a half goddam inches
long, you bitches, and both of you are gonna get it in every hole you
got before tonight’s over, and maybe I’ll even drill a coupl’a new
holes in you, hawhaw” he giggled fiendishly. “Now just open up real
wide, slutface, and I’ll slip it down nice and easy..” he ordered

Kate knew in her heart that she could never get the boy’s cock
more than six or seven inches into her throat, it just wasn’t
possible. He’d choke her to death with it! John grabbed the back of
her head with one hand, and held his cock about halfway down the shaft
with the other. Kate looked up at him with terrified eyes. He slipped
the head into her mouth, over her lips. The cock being so slim, it
really wasn’t hard to accept it into her mouth. But the boy kept on
sliding forward with it. Kate felt it slip over her tongue and begin
to bend down her throat. She constricted involuntarily, momentarily
closing off the passage. The boy stopped. “Aw, c’mon lady, you ain’t
even trying. Take a breath and let’s keep on swallowing.” Kate found
she could even open her jaws wide enough to breath around the shaft in
her mouth. “You got about six inches in now, that ain’t bad for a
beginner. But you’re only halfway home…” Kate swallowed and the
motion of her throat muscles pulled the head of the cock down, over
the back of her tongue and past her tonsils. She tilted her head up
like a baby bird, making the passage as straight as possible. Another
inch slid by her lips, then another. John groaned at the sensation of
feeling his sensitive glans slide down the woman’s esophagus. The head
popped into her throat, pointing almost straight down into her belly.
Still, he pulled her head towards his groin. He removed his hand from
the shaft of his cock as another inch slipped into Kate’s throat. She
felt a terrible pressure in her neck, as the unnatural object
stretched her tissues and muscles. She had once swallowed a hard-
boiled egg whole on a dare as a teen, and this felt just as bad. On
and one the cock slid down her gullet. Her eyes watered. Her breath
caught in her lungs. She snorted air through her nose, her nostrils
flaring like a Kentucky Derby winner.

“Three inches to go, man, just three more inches. I can’t believe
you got ten in there already, babe, you must be a fuckin’ sword
swallower or something.” John panted. Kate felt his cock pulse with
excitement. The knot in her neck grew noticably. “Oh fuck, hold on,
hold on, you’re gonna make me shoot, I gotta pull it out…” John slid
his cock back up the way it had just gone, the shaft emerging from
Kate’s lips slick with spit and drool. Inch after hard-won inch
re-emerged into the cool air. Kate gulped air herself as the cock head
popped back out of her throat. She gagged as it triggered her reflex
going by. The head slid back over her tongue and out. Once back into
the air, the boy’s cock shone, red and wet from the friction of her
mouth and throat. A large dollop of pre-cum bulged from the tip, and
he dripped it off onto Kate’s lower lip.

“There, babe, have a taste of a real man. Maybe if you’re good,
I’ll give you sommore later” he guffawed. Kate could only gasp and
choke in pain and, somehow, disappointment. She knew she should feel
humiliated at the treatment she and Linda were getting, but a part of
her that she didn’t know existed had somehow come to the surface, and
she wasn’t sure what it meant. She LIKED being held captive by this
gang of kids. She LIKED being forced to suck cocks and pussies for
hours on end. She LIKED getting her face drenched with the
ejaculations of the boys and drippings of the girls. And she LIKED the
feeling of that long, slim shaft sliding down her gullet. She forgot
all pretense of sophisticated womanhood, forgot her husband and their
home and their life, all she wanted was to be a slut, a fuckbag, a
whore, to give in to the thrills of sexual release. She existed only
as a pussy to fuck, a cunt to take hard cocks and wring the jizzum
from. She existed only as an asshole to shove a cock into, wiggling
and moaning. She existed only as a mouth to suck on hard penises and
wet cunts. She wanted sex and she wanted it now. She had turned into
an animal. Sex had taken control of her entire body. She wanted to get

Her voice trailed off.

“That’s what I like to hear. Next!” John said, and walked over to

Part 5

“OK, babe, you’re next. Think you’re woman enough to handle all
of me?” he asked cruelly.

“You just try it, stud, I’ll get it all in!” she answered
forcefully. She was not about to be cowered by these punks. She was
determined to wrest every possible ounce of sexual energy from them
and still want more. John moved over to her, fisting his red
cock-shaft. A clear drop of pre-cum oozed out of the tip, and he
touched it to Linda’s pert nose. He reached into his jeans and slowly,
almost painfully, pulled his scrotum into the air. Linda almost
gasped. She had never seen testicles the size of these – this boy must
be a freak of nature! she thought. Each round mass was almost the size
of an actual egg. The thought of the amount of sperm stored up in
those treasurehouses of seminal fluid made her pussy contract and
begin to dampen even more than it had been. She opened her mouth as
wide as she could, and bent her head back.

“OK, stud, slide it in!” she said throatily. John moved close to
her and slowly slid the tip of his long, thin cock into her mouth. It
rested over her tongue for a second. Linda leaned herself forward, so
she would control the amount and speed of entry. As the tip moved to
the back of her mouth, she gulped in a lungful of air, and then angled
her head again. This time, the boy’s cockhead slipped down over the
back of her tongue and into the top of her throat. Her tongue and lips
continued to caress and lick the shaft in her mouth, wetting it with
her saliva. John tensed.

She moved her head slowly forward. The gang gathered around her.
They could see the outline of John’s cock forcing it’s way down her
throat. Inch after inch was fed in. John was getting red in the face,
groaning with the pleasurable feeling provided him by this wanton
woman on her knees in front of him. After a moment, fully half of his
cock was buried in the young woman’s mouth and throat. She looked up
at him defiantly, and moved her lips closer and closer still to his
wiry pubic area. The cock continued it’s downward journey. Linda
groaned deep in her gut. It felt like someone was shoving a baseball
bat down her throat. John grabbed the back of her head with his hands,
forcing inch after inch of his penis into her mouth. Linda swallowed
convulsively. The guys around could see the bulging cock as it
stretched the skin around her neck. Her nostrils flared as she gulped
air in around her swollen esophagus. But there it was! Her nose
brushed pubic hair as she fully deep-throated the boy’s long thin
cock! John whooped with joy.

‘Jeeezus Keeerist you swallowed the whole fucking thing, cunt,
you really did!’

He slapped high fives with several of the boys around him. It was
a grotesque scene. Over twenty fully dressed teenagers gathered around
two naked women, their hands tied behind their backs as they knelt on
the rough wooden floor. One boy seemed grafted onto one woman’s face,
her nose buried in his crotch, her neck obscenely stretched by the
length of his erect penis.

‘Ok, bitch, as a reward I’m gonna let you swallow my cum!’ John
roared as he slowly moved the last few inches of his cock back. Then
he slammed it forward again, choking Linda. He tightened his grip
around her head with his hands, then viciously began fucking her face,
dropping the entire length of his cock into her neck and throat with
each thrust. Linda prayed that it wouldn’t take him long to cum. She
tightened her lips around the shaft in her mouth as best she could,
twirling her tongue where it would go. Seconds passed, but Linda could
sense from the twitching member in her mouth that his orgasm wasn’t
far off. Suddenly he tensed, raised up on the balls of his feet, and
pushed that last half-inch forward. His cockhead swelled, nearly a
foot down Linda’s neck, nearly into her stomach. A streamer of cum
shot from the tip, coating her esophagus and dripping into her belly.
She felt the tremors ripping through the shaft as she pulled back on
it. Another blast of hot teenage sperm shot from the cock, its’ hot
feel like a tonic to Linda’s ravaged membranes. As the head neared her
upper neck and mouth, it pulsed again and again. Finally John yanked
it free, jerking off in the trapped woman’s mouth. Jet after jet of
hot white jizz flew from his over-sized balls, splashing wetly in her
mouth, spraying up over her lips and across her cheeks. The crowd
around them cheered at John’s triumph.

Linda knelt silently, moaning inside, as the boy’s cock jetted
stream after stream of white cum against her face and into her mouth.
She counted seven long spurts of the white stuff strike her. She
gasped and swallowed as the liquid filled her mouth and coated her
tongue and teeth. Finally John slowly finished his ejaculations,
jerking his cock slower and slower as the stream of sperm slowed to a
dribble. He let the last drops drip down to Linda’s nose, attempting
to humiliate her even further. The boys and girls of the gang had
gathered in to witness the scene, and Linda could hear some of them
moaning and groaning in excitement. She coughed slightly and cleared
her throat, swallowing again to force the hot liquid into her waiting

“Well, you fucker, I told you I could do it. Now, is there anyone
else here man enough to last more than 30 seconds with my mouth on his
cock? Huh? I bet not!” she growled defiantly at them. They seemed
almost awed by her behavior. “C’mon, you shitheads, here I am. Show me
what you’ve got, I’m here with cum all over my face and tits, waiting
for you to come up and give me more. Let’s see just who’s the
fuckingest bitch around here. I bet your pussy girlfriends won’t do
this for you, eh? Hey, you!” she motioned with her head at a young man
watching with rapt attention, his hand massaging the lump in his
jeans. “Your cunt girlfriend ever let you blow off in her face like
that? Huh? Bet you’d like to do that right now, wouldn’t you? Better
ask your chick, though, wouldn’t want her to get all jealous now,
would we?” she taunted. She smiled inwardly as she saw the young
black-haired girl next to him blush deeply and dig her hands into the
boy’s arm she was holding. Linda continued.

“Hey, babe, ever had him jerk off in your face? Ever get that wet
feeling between your lips? Ever get cum up your nose from a stiff
cock? I bet not! I bet you would never let him see you with cum on
your tongue, would you? Ahhh, you’re all alike, just a bunch of
strutting young jerks who don’t know a thing about fucking and
sucking. Think you know it all, though.”

Linda glanced over at Kate. She was watching all this wide-eyed,
scarcely believing what she was hearing. Suddenly the leader spoke up

“Ok, bitch, you want cum, you’ll get cum. Alright everybody,
lissen up! There’s gonna be some fucking going on here, right now. I
want everybody to line up. Darla, you get on that fucking mattress
over there and spread your legs. Guys, fuck ol’ Darla there, but don’t
cum in her. When you get ready to shoot, whip it out and feed our
little lady here. She seems to really dig eatin’ cum, well, we’ll give
her enough cum tonight to float a battleship.” He motioned to a
scraggly looking bleached blonde with huge tits, evidently Darla, who
shucked her clothes off as the mattress was brought up next to the
kneeling wives. She quickly lay down on it, caressing her hairy pussy,
getting it ready for the fuckings to come.

“Hey, shithead, if you’re gonna do this, at least untie my hands.
My fucking arms are gonna fall off in a minute. We ain’t going
anywhere fast!” Linda spoke, anxious to get her hands free and relieve
the tension in her cunt as best she could. She also needed to wipe
some of the cum from her eyes and nose. John pointed to her arms and
nodded at one of the guys, who stepped forward and untied Linda and
Kate. The women massaged their aching arms, thankful for the respite
at last. Other guys stood around them, waiting to intercept if the
wives should try to bolt out the door or anything. Linda reached up
and smeared the masses of cum from John’s cock that had spread over
her features around, cooling the heated skin. She pulled cum from both
eye sockets and slurped it into her mouth noisily, smacking her lips.
Kate did the same, her face was quite wet from the half-dozen boys who
had not been able to contain their ejaculations. Linda grinned a
white-painted smile at Kate.

“Having fun, ducks?”

The boys began to line up to begin fucking the young slut. First
up was a gangly red-haired boy, who began grabbing her tits as he
knelt down between her thighs. Darla reached down and pulled his
rapidly hardening cock towards her slit, moaning with anticipation.
The boy slid forward, feeding his shaft into her wet tunnel. Darla
reached around his hips, grasping his ass and pulling it into her. She
cried out a little whimper.

“Oh god yes, Jerry, fuck me hard, give it to me!” she cried. The
boy, Jerry, started pumping his young butt in and out of her,
thrusting deeply as he could. His ass rose and fell in the age-old
rhythm. The crowd could hear the slurping noise his cock made in the
young girl’s dripping wet cunt already.

“Jeeze, listen to her, she’s flooding already!”

Jerry suddenly slowed his pumping, fighting back against Darla’s
efforts to urge him on and on. He pulled his cock nearly all the way
from her clutching pussy.

“Oh God I’m gonna cum real soon, God that feels so fucking good
in there.” he grunted.

“If you’re gonna cum, get over here and spray it on Miss Cumface
there, she’s the one that’s gonna get it tonight. Sorry, Darla, you’ll
have to wait for the next guy!” cackled John.

Jerry pumped into Darla a few more times, then suddenly scrambled
to his feet. He grabbed his reddened cock with his right hand and
rushed to present it to Linda. He jerked it a few times, and suddenly,
with a grunt, he ejaculated a stream of thick cum right into her
waiting face. The rope of sperm splashed wetly across her lips and
nose, dripping into her hair. Linda opened her mouth wide, giving the
young boy a target to shoot for. Again he jerked, sending another full
stream of semen at her. This one disappeared into her mouth, splashing
wetly across her tongue and soothing the young woman’s mouth.

“Yeah, baby, take that cum, I’m cumming in your face, bitch, take
it!” he groaned at the release he was enjoying. Two more spurts of cum
exited his cock, landing wetly with a plop on Linda’s cheeks and
forehead. He shook the last drops off his now-shrinking cock and
raveled it back into his jeans, swaggering away.

Linda groaned and swallowed noisily, gulping down the wet semen.
Another boy was already busy fucking the squealing Darla. For the next
twenty minutes the same scenario played out – boys would fuck the
young slut girl for several minutes, then hurriedly exit her clasping
pussy and stand proudly in front of Linda, ejaculating streamer after
wet streamer of semen onto her face and hair, and into her open mouth
whenever possible. After several minutes, her face was a mask of white
lines, criss-crossing themselves all up and down her face, across her
forehead and cheeks, laying slickly and wetly in her hair, lips and
eyes. Linda darted her tongue out as far as she could, licking at the
cooling sperm as it collected on her features. She swallowed eagerly
each drop of semen blasted into her mouth by the fresh young penises.

Kate couldn’t believe the look of her friend. She gazed at Linda
in a mixture of lust, awe, and disbelief. Linda’s face was totally
covered with semen trails. There was barely a square inch of skin that
wasn’t covered by the mixed ejaculations of the boys. It tangled in
her hair and across her shoulders. By now, cum was dripping heavily
from her face almost as fast as it was being deposited there. Trails
of white lines led down her slim neck and across the upper slopes of
Linda’s heaving breasts, coating her erect nipples and dripping down.
Cum trickled down her shoulders and over the tops of her arms. She
looked as if someone had poured a gallon of melted vanilla ice cream
over her head.

Suddenly Kate heard a boy grunt and groan while fucking the slut
Darla. He pushed into her grasping hips and came loudly, to the groans
of dismay from the audience.

“OHshit I can’t help it I’m cummmmmmmmmmmmmmmminnnnnnnggg!” he
groaned as he emptied his lust into the girl beneath him. He pushed
repeatedly into her loins, pulsing stream after stream of cum into her
waiting cunt.

“OK, man, OK, don’t worry about it. I’ve got an idea how we can
get our other friend here her fill of cum. You want to drink cum too,
don’t you?” John leered, looking at Kate. “Darla, you let some guys
cum in your fucked up pussy. In fact, I want the next ten guys to
shoot off there, I want her cunt swimming in cum in the next few
minutes. Darla, dear, don’t squeeze any of it out if you can, keep it
all in there. You guys, prop her ass up with some pillows and keep her
pussy hole up in the air. I don’t want that shit leaking all over the

Two boys did as he bade, hoisting Darla’s sopping snatch in the
air, containing the copious load just deposited there snugly pooled at
her cervix. Another boy slipped his cock into her slit as they
finished and pounded away. John walked over and grabbed Kate by the
arm, firmly but not violently.

“OK, babe, here’s the scoop. You’re gonna be the cum depository
for all the jizz goin’ up Darla’s pussy. Hope you like lickin’ snatch
too, because that’s what you’re gonna do for a while.” He moved her
over to the couple screwing on the floor, watching and waiting for the
young man to have his orgasm. He did so almost noiselessly, then
pulled away. Kate could see the oozing wetness he left in Darla’s
vaginal tract. Her pubic hair was soaked with sweat and cum. John
pushed Kate down on her back, and posititioned Darla over her in a 69
position. Darla sat up and straddled Kate’s head with her thighs. Her
cunt was directly over Kate’s face. Then she sat down. Kate was
immediately smothered by the girl’s steaming pussy.

“ohgod yes, bitch, lick my clit you whore” Darla whispered.

“Push the cum out, Darla” spoke John.

Kate felt Darla clench her thighs and was rewarded with a thin
stream of cum dripping from Darla’s opening. Kate spun her tongue up
into the slit above her lips, scooping more and more of the slimy
ejaculate from the young girl above her. She felt Darla’s fingers
reach down to her slit and begin caressing her clit. She felt another
hand at her own cunt, massaging and thrusting fingers gently into her
hole. Darla emptied herself into Kate’s waiting mouth. Dollops of cum
squished out, landing heavily on Kate’s face, lips and tongue. Finally
the streams lessened. Darla leaned back down over Kate’s body and Kate
saw a cock slip into Darla from underneath. Her view was of the shaft
of the cock sliding in and out, just inches above her nose.

Now the girls were working in tandem. Every other guy would
cum in Darla’s cunt, while the other would pull out quickly and jerk
off into Linda’s face. After each intra-cuntal ejaculation, or
sometimes after three or four, Darla would sit up and squeeze the cum
from her sopping pussy into Kate’s mouth and across her face. Kate
drank it down greedily, possessed by the sensuality of it all.
Meanwhile, Linda continued receiving her upright cum showers.

The orgy went on for nearly 90 minutes. Every boy in the house
had ejaculated at least two times, many three, and a few even four
times. Kate and Linda couldn’t imagine where they got all the semen.
Linda’s face was a mask of cooling sperm. Her eye-shadow had long
since merged with the cum dripping from her eye sockets, trailing
blue-white lines down her cheeks. Her mouth and throat were clogged
with the ejaculates of the boys. Her hair was soaking wet, clinging to
her scalp in wet tendrils. She estimated that she had swallowed over a
pint of semen all told, not counting that from the first go round in
the line up. She felt the pooling wetness in her stomach. Kate also
was soaked by the cum dripped from Darla’s well-fucked pussy. Every so
often, Darla would squeeze her self out onto Kate’s face and mouth.
Most of the cum dripped into Kate’s mouth to be eagerly swallowed, but
a lot dripped onto her face and neck. Kate had several orgasms
herself from the probing hands and fingers and even lips noisily
paying their respects at her cunt. Linda was thrusting several of her
own fingers in and out of her eager vulva herself as the guys spasmed
in front of her. Finally, it seemed there was no more cum left to cum.
Every guy in the house was completely drained. Drained into Kate’s
mouth. Drained onto Linda’s face. Drained into Darla’s pussy.
Drained. There wasn’t a fluid ounce of semen left in a testicle for
miles around, seemingly. Linda was drenched. Kate was drenched, though
not so thoroughly. Darla’s pussy had that well-fucked look, red and
juicy. Every cock in the house stood at half-mast.

Darla climbed reluctantly from over Kate’s body and stood up.
Kate got to her feet and shuffled to the still-kneeling Linda.

“Next time, we just stay home!”

The END of the Cum-Drinker’s Saga

Double for Nothing!! Tricks for Free!!!

Be There…..